Teams Names

The present situation following Government guidelines would mean that we would have to start competitors 6 at a time with a 5 minute gap, for each group, this would create a gap between competitors. The race would be timed and the winner being the first to complete the course from start to finish line.

Important how you can help now

If you have an entry and want to run with friends, we are planning to make the groups of 6 up by choosing names in the same running clubs or teams, please email and send me the runners you would like to run with and the group NAME ( if you forget you won`t want me to give you a name HAHA) to make this easier for us – (some running clubs may have more than 6 runners, these will be obviously split, you can choose to add a number for the team ie Blackwater Valley 1 Blackwater Valley 2, these still need to be a maximum of 6).

If restrictions subside we may

let you start off in groups of 12 – 18 – 24 or Let you start every 5 mins 4 mins 3mins 2mins depending on the current situation.

Stay safe – Social distance